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Space & Lasers Prototype Space & Lasers Prototype

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I belive this game has potential. It would be nice to see not only different kind of weapons, but also different kind of shields and armors. For example, you could have an S-Class ship wich has special shields tecnology, wich allows you to equip better shields than other usual ships, but can't use missiles and has low armor.
Weapons could have different ranges, for example, a powerful bomb wich has short range but causes a lot of damage to armour and medium damage to shields. Or a laser with infinite range wich causes almost nothing damage to shield and medium damage to armour.
Shields could have special abilities, like, for example, one could regenerate a lot each turn, but reset each turn, while other one could regenerate less each turn without "reseting" wich would allow to accumulate your shields strenght up to a limit.
There should be two or three different kind of ammunition. For example, you could have "missiles", wich are used for bombs and missiles; "bullets" wich are used for machine guns or something, and "energy", wich is recharged every turn and is used for lasers AND shields.
That gives me the idea of a ship called like "The Destroyer" wich would have no shields, but a perk wich would allow the ship to produce its own "low quality" bullets or missiles. Also, it would have an extra high armour and the ability to repair it very slowly.
I don't know, it sounds kind of complex, but if you could do that, something very good could appear.
Good luck! :)

Magnetized Magnetized

Rated 5 / 5 stars

After 118 fails, I came to a conclusion... I love this game.
Lvl 60 and the end are just great. So great that I had to play the games 4 times :O
I really recomend this game to every one here in newgrounds :P

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Where Is My Key? Where Is My Key?

Rated 4 / 5 stars

First of all, I don't speak english at all but I'll write as clear as I can.
I really liked the game. I like the graphics style, the music and the idea itself.
So, this are the things I think you could improve:
1- Offline ver. option does nothing.
2- When you see the credits, there is nothing about the music.
3- There is an error that make the game crash when you are hitted by a crystal and you are, at the same time, touching a wall or something. I couldn't reproduce the error intentionally, but it happened me like 7 times while playing the game.
4- It would be nice to see more levels :)
I would like to see more challenging levels, as every level but the tower is relatively easy.
But I insist, I liked the game a lot, and it would be nice to see more games like that.

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NemesisQK responds:

Thanks. I heard about that bug but it seems that is deeply hidden in the code and it's really hard to find it. It would take all the code to rewritte. Next chapter of Zeddicuss jurney will be written from the beggining and yeah, it will be more challenging and entertaining ;)

About that offline version, for me it is working. Maybe click two times or something?