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Thank you ^^

2015-12-05 17:10:03 by Ioplop

Today, I was very, very sad and angry about something, it haven't feel like that since years. In the middle of my mental chaos, I was unable to feel creative in any sense, that means I didn't felt like composing, proggramming, drawing, painting or anything, really. So, I turned on my computer in hopes of finding a game to distract my mind, yet I didn't really want to play any of the hundred games in my steam library. Then, I set the volume to 15 (I usually hear music at volume 5), and listened at my newgrounds music list, which is a compilation of more than 50 songs from newgrounds. Somehow, that revitalized me, and I now I feel quite well, actually. Thank you, all newgrounds musicians, your songs are the best =)

I'm now going to program some stuff, bye (^,^)

Birthday >: ) (and others (?) )

2015-09-14 11:23:56 by Ioplop

Yaaaay, It's my birthday (no one cares, I know ^,^')

Soo... I was thinking I never really posted anything on newgrounds, even though I have been here for a year more.

Hello, I'm Angel, though I prefer to be called just Ioplop via internet, (Notice that it is "ioplop", with capital "i"). I like composing music, and I'm just starting to learn C# too. I plan to upload some unity games in the future. But I'm still just a noob, and I clearly have to improve very much to consider myself "decent" as musician, not to mention C#. I don't fear nor feel bad about harsh reviews, because they usually help me understand what do I have to improve.

Thank you for reading. (I really doubt someone will ever read this, other than maybe, just maybe, a friend or two, but at least it's something done now =) )